texas roadhouse low carb options

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Love Texas Roadhouse and wondering what the Texas Roadhouse low carb options are? Here’s our list! Unfortunately, Texas Roadhouse does not have full nutritional information on their site at this time, so this is our review based on their dishes and descriptions. Always ask the server if you have specific dietary needs.

Note that Texas Roadhouse’s menu varies state by state, so not all the things listed here may be available at your local Texas Roadhouse. Also ask to substitute out any high carb sides (fries, mashed potatoes, etc) with a house salad, green beans or fresh vegetables.

Appetizers – stay away from anything breaded! The grilled shrimp is your best bet.

Salads – ask for no croutons and dressing on the side. Stick with dressings such as bleu cheese or ranch. The grilled chicken and steakhouse filet salads are great choices for low carbers.

Steaks– All the hand cut steaks are perfect (and delicious) choices. Just make sure there are no sugary sauces on your meat! Note that BBQ sauce is HIGH carb and full of sugar, so a hand cut steak is a better option than ribs (unless you can get your ribs without sauce).

texas roadhouse low carb options

Photo from texasroadhouse.com

Chicken – As with the appetizers, stay away from any breaded or saucy chicken. The oven roasted half chicken is a safe choice.

Country Dinners – The pork chops are your best bet if you are not feeling like chicken or cow. Be wary of gravy, as it is typically made with flour.

Seafood – The grilled salmon or grilled shrimp are good choices if you feel like meat of the sea

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